Mental Perceptions

There is a simple, single powerful key to unlocking happiness, passion, longevity, and prosperity… And that key is you.


Our reality is built with our mental perceptions and processed by the brain. If we take a good look at the brain, we can realise three independent layers to it:

Old Brain

The Reptilian brain is the unconscious and automatic part of you and engages the flight or fight responses to external stimuli.

Emotional Brain

The Mammalian (limbic) brain that connects the inner and outer brains and is the keeper of the memories and emotions that are experienced.

Rational Brain

Also called the Neocortex (or the conscious brain), the rational brain is responsible for processing information.

So, you see, making a serious and well-thought-out decision is the combined effort of your three sub-brains.


You know that ‘very important task’ you have to complete? The one that causes all kind of stress? Not completing the work may result in financial (for example, penalties for avoiding completion of a tax return) or more distressingly physical consequences. Yet, time continues to tick. You’ve not made any progress what-so-ever. You constantly find infinite excuses to ‘postpone’ the work and remove yourself the work and look actively for distractions.

Do you see what’s happening? Your rational brain knows acknowledges the work items to be done, your emotional brain associates the work with feelings and memories of doing the work with possible negative perceptions (such as how much you hate anything to do with numbers) forcing your old brain to fly from the situation.

So, do you still believe that all your decisions are as simple as they seem? There is a lifetime of experiences, memories, emotions and our human nature that influences every decision you make.

Can I Change This?

Simply put, yes! It involves making adjustments to your mental perceptions. This will then enable the happiness, joy, and prosperity you are fully capable of.

This is the power of integrative therapy. Amity helps in understanding the deep-rooted memories and emotional responses that drive your old brain to fight or fly and causing the stress, the sweats, the sleepless nights, and ultimately the imbalance in hormones.

We are here to help you with this process as simply as we can.

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